Molly & Monet, in this lovable book were filled with pain, confusion, sadness, guilt, anger, and sometimes denial. They were afraid of new things, and what would happen to them now. They were afraid of illness, because of the losses they endured.

The two endearing dogs demonstrated progressive changes, through their writing and pictures, new neighborhoods, moving, and new friendships.  They learned the joys of bonding with new people and (new dogs).

One of our goals when we hurt because of a loss, should be allowing the pain to come through, and to feel our feelings.  If they are too intense, then a grief group, or a specialist to talk to, can help people come to some sort of a resolution and balance of conflicting feelings.

Ultimately, Molly & Monet went through their own stages of grief, and sat on the beach one day with the new people in their life, looked out at the ocean, and said a ceremonial good bye to what used to be, and no longer remained the same.

We as humans need time, space, encouragement, and someone to listen. Molly & Monet’s new people in their life helped them go through the grieving