Third Edition Released!

“When we suffer any kind of loss, there are many kinds of feelings that we can feel because basically, we form attachments. We learn this skill from our parents early in life.

As we grow up to be adults, these feelings of connection develop in relation to loved ones, weather they are spouses or children.

When these ties are broken, due to death, illness, loss of a job, a move, a major change, loss of a pet, and even a dear friend, and major life changes, we lose these deep feelings of warmth, loving, connection, familiarity, fondness, and love.

Sometimes the ties that are broken are sudden and shocking. Other times, we can see that things are changing, and are going in a certain direction.”  – an excerpt.

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“Molly & Monet has the ability to help heal during tragic times such as recent tragic mass shooting in Vegas and in the past like Newtown, and Columbine, the tragic shootings in different states every day in America, and for Veterans and their families coming home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Molly and Monet is also a useful tool in dealing with community grief over disasters, and the violence in our own society”

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